Appalachian Trials Available On Kindle!

Appalachian Trials: "Hi, I wrote a book"

After months of writing, editing, formatting, fighting with myself and others (mostly myself), and designing, the day has finally arrived….

Appalachian Trials is here!!!

Assuming “here” means “available in e-book form”

So the print version is still a little ways away (days, not weeks), but the Kindle Version of Appalachian Trials is up & active:


Reasons to buy the Kindle (e-book) Version:

  1. The hyperlinks are active (you click, it goes)
  2. There are pictures (including the angry turtle and a homeless clown)
  3. It’s available now

Reasons to buy the Print Version:

  1. It’s a MOTHERF*#&@*NG book.

Reasons to buy both:

  1. If you buy the e-book, and you like it enough to actually buy the print book, I will send you a signed copy of Appalachian Trials.  Seriously.  E-mail me at, and provide the recipe ts for both purchases, and I will send you a signed copy of Appalachian Trials (on the house, and only for a limited time.  I will get more specifics once we launch the print version).  You can then giveaway your original copy to the person in your life who most enjoys yellow books.
  2. Because you want to encourage Zach to write more books.
  3. Because you bet on the Giants winning last night.

As for e-mailing me both receipts to get a signed copy of Appalachian Trials, there’s probably a way to forge that.  To protect against such a scenario, I will kindly request that you: “please not do that“.  I’m not some a profit-at-any-costs, mega-corporation.  I’m a dude with a computer and (occasionally) a beard.

And the early feedback on Appalachian Trials….  We had a few people dig into it yesterday (Sunday)….

Tom K. says: “….so far, your book rocks.

Jill B. says: “I’m totally finishing this tonight, such a good read!

B. H. MacDonald says: “Some chances only come along once in a lifetime. I was given the incredible opportunity to edit this book. It was absolutely my ‘once in a lifetime’ professional event.   Anyone who knows me understands how much I value words and writing…. I owe a tremendous debt to you, Zach Davis, for trusting me with your words. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this chance.  Friends: please like this book and remember Zach’s name. You won’t regret it.”  (Note: B- edited this book. The only two people who have read it more than her, is the other editor- and me.)

If you’re waiting for the print version of Appalachian Trials, fear not, the wait won’t be too much longer.

However, if you prefer e-books, you can’t wait another day, and/or want to get started down the route of getting a signed copy of Appalachian Trials, you should go here:  I Want Appalachian Trials on Kindle NOWWWW

I will get this onto the iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and the other electronic book stores ASAP.  But you can access the Kindle version from pretty much any smartphone, tablet, or, of course, Kindle reader.

Second to last note (thank you):

You guys have sincerely been extremely instrumental during this entire process.  Anytime I have been on the fence regarding anything, whether it’s format, pricing, book content, hell…even the book’s TITLE, I have come to you.  And you always come through.  A very sincere thank you to all of you.  It has been (and will continue to be) so much fun interacting with you directly.  Please continue sending e-mails, leaving comments, posting on facebook, and Twittering at me on Twitter.

Last note (favor):

Upon reading Appalachian Trials (if you so choose to do so), if you wouldn’t mind offering your review on the Amazon webpage, that would be a big help to Badger.  Amazon decides their ranking largely on user feedback.  I’m not asking for a 5-star review (although that would be awesome); just your honest assessment.

Hugs and high fives,


P.S. – I’m in a motel because I’m currently in the process of moving to San Francisco.  If you a) live in the bay area and b) want to drink a beer, you know where to reach me.

P.P.S – Appalachian Trials has it’s own Twitter and Facebook account.  The book actually does all of its own Tweeting.  Quite frankly, it’s weird.

P.P.S. – Am I rambling?

  • Jake R

    hey…loving the books so far!

  • Laura

    I have a nook, so will get your book as soon as it’s available. Love your blog! I was THIS CLOSE to starting the AT in 2012. 2013 may turn out to be my year. I live in the bay area, and would love to grab a beer! Message me on facebook when you’re settled (Laura Beth).

  • I did write a review in my blog:

  • Lisa holliday

    Best blog ever. Except for … No. Ever.

    I am monosyllabic from to many days on the trail. Let me try again.
    Best mothafuckinblogever!