Badger Bragging

In the following video, you learn why my morning was likely better than yours (assuming you aren’t also hiking the Appalachian Trail or work at the Playboy Mansion).

For you fact Nazi’s, the waterfall is Laurel Fork Falls in Tennessee.

  • Sean Collander

    Nice. My morning was not nearly as badass. Sadly, you are correct in that respect.

  • whsheadley

    Hi Zach I hope all is well on the trail. I read A Walk in the Woods, a couple of years ago, is anything like Bryson describes it?

  • First of all, thank you for taking the time to update us while also making us laugh (pretty damn hard most of the time). I’ve become a recent AT fan after reading “A Walk into the Woods” which launched my research and obsession. You should know that this site was the first listed on Google when I searched Appalachian Trail Blog 2011, if you didn’t already know. Second of all, I wish you and John the best of luck and I’ll be sending many happy thoughts your way. If ever in need of a care package sent, I would have no problem helping you guys out. Take care and keep walking.