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Kitty Inspiration

kitty fail

Some choose not to let the laws of physics slow them down on their quest of ultimate worldly domination.  This brave young hero, a cat, a kitty cat at that, demonstrates a bravado that hasn’t been seen by a feline since the days of a matured Simba.

Ultimately in the end of this tragic quest to defy the constraining laws laid out by Sir Isaac Newton, our kitty hero and friend, proves that not even determination is enough to overcome pure stupidity.

Whiskers: 2010 – 2010.  RIP

LeBron James is a Chicago Bull

LeBron James is a Chicago Bull

LeBron James is a Chicago Bull butthole

They say perception is reality. If we get enough people to perceive LeBron James in a Chicago Bulls uniform, time is the only obstacle in between us and the King.

Find something very wooden to knock on because I’m calling it now – LeBron James is a member of the Chicago Bulls. If this turns out not to be the case, you can find me deep inside of a glass case of emotion.  Forever…

LeBron James to the Chicago Bulls from zach davis on Vimeo.


Update 7/9/10

So, I’ve turned my copy of “The Secret” into a pineada. 

Yesterday evening, LeBron James announced that he will sign with the Miami Heat.  This is partially because he likes their beaches, but mostly because he’s a coward.  I’ve asked my good friend, and Cavs Owner, to sum up the sentiment with LeBron’s “Decision”.  Thanks Dan. 

And to everyone in Cleveland….sorry.  At least you’re not Detroit!

Music Blogs Make Me Waste Time

And not just listening to music.

My afternoons of late have been spent inside of the hype machine (which needs no introduction).  A few days ago, while in the machine, I fell upon a Lupe Fiasco mix which infected my brain for the better part of a week.  This brain infection was so severe that I had no choice but to dedicate a few hours to wasting time making a non-sense video in its honor.  Thanks to Squeegie Sounds for the mix.

Lupe Scribbles from zach davis on Vimeo.

How to Make The Worst Sports Music Video Ever

Here’s a short tutorial in How to Make the Worst Sports Music Video Ever:

Step 1) Have Creed sing it

That’s it.  You’re done.

If my sports team ever did this to me, not only would I burn every jersey I owned (along with that of friends’ and family), I would dedicate the rest of my days to raising money for their biggest rival?  Thankfully I don’t live within 2,000 miles of Miami.

This is where I would call out a famous Marlins’ fan, but I don’t think there are any.

Found this video over at Gingers Is the Watchword.  That site will cause laughter.

The Good Badger Video 6.0

If you just so happened to huff a whole bunch of glue before stumbling into this video, you’re in luck, because it requires 0 brain cells to comprehend.  In other words, ignore the content (even more so than normal).  This is more a chronicling of my learning Final Cut than it is an attempt convey any resemblance of a thought.  If you derive even one ounce of joy from this, bonus points to you.  I now present…The Good Badger Video 6.0

Good Badger Video 6.0 from zach davis on Vimeo.