Free Stuff Fridays: Caption Contest #1

Do you like free stuff?

Of course you do. I do too. All humans do. It’s coded into our DNA. It’s what separates us from chimps.

You know what’s even better than free stuff? Free useful stuff.

And that’s why you could be in store for a good ass day (figuratively, not literally – I’m sure your butt has 7 good days a week).

Badger’s official AT footwear and outerwear sponsor, Hi-Tec, has been generous enough to hook you guys with some useful free stuff.

I know– pretty damn sweet.

Here’s how it works:

Each Friday for the next four weeks, I will post a picture from the trail. In the comments section below, you provide your comical caption. Each week I will select the funniest submission as the winner. That’s it.

Also– I will announce the winner on the Good Badger Facebook page– so be sure to “Like” the page. You don’t have to actually like it, that’s asking too much. Just click the thumbs up button at the top.

This week, the awesome item up to be won is the V-Lite Altitude Max WPi (pictured below).


And here’s this week’s photo.

Giant Slug

Insert Funny Anecdote

Make Zach LOL below (please use an active email address so I can contact you). The winner will be announced on Monday.

Get some.

  • I can think of several things Bear Grylls would want me to do with this. Unfortunately none of them include leaving it alone.

  • If i was really out of food you would be my bug hot dog but I will have some jerky instead.  Run along my 1000’s leg friend

  • Brandonpacyna

    This dude’s got 99 problems, but 100 legs ain’t one…

  • Red1313

    cool pic  but no way would i date that

  • Rob

    Take this as a sign, we crawl through the water supply right before you filter it. 

  • Marvin

    “I’m waiting for my close up! ……….. Are you going to make me famous?”

  • Dave

    Who walks on water?  I do!

  • In the spirit of Hi-Tec: You think I have it made? I had to take a mortgage just to get new boots for this trip!

  • OK, I made it to the trailhead. Now what?

  • Linze!

    Papa Can You See Me????? 

  • Linze!

    Can You See Me Now?

  • Up… Up….AND AWAY

  • The smell of 100 feet dose not bother Mr. Legs, but your two made him clime straight up and away

  • Rob

    “I’m on the egde….of glory.”

  • Rob

    “I’m on the edge…of glory.”

  • Eric

    Crikey, a rare African centipede, what a strange place to find such and interesting insect (I know its not an African centipede)

  • smithy

    How nature tags signs in the ‘hood.

  • Brooks

    You know you have been out in the woods for awhile when you start wondering how many calories this might have!

  • Marvin

    “I think if I can keep my legs from shaking that bird will never see me! Be the sign…..Be the Sign…. Be the sign…..Oh man, why does that guy with the camera have to draw attention to me!”

  • David Rufner

    Look Mom – no hands!

  • i have one of those in my nightstand.


    If these bastards sprout wings I quit. 


    “Hey Zack. I heard you stomped my cousin down in Georgia. Sleep light tonight because I’m going to stomp your ass 100 times!”

  • Mark Dalton

    Wait for me!! I’ve just gotta put my shoes on.

  • Mark Dalton

    Hey, high five!………….hundred.

  • Aplusmhs

    Natures sign carving, at it’s finest!

  • AustinB-R

     All you need are two strategically placed black flies to make an AT emoticon.  : )

  • cyamanyana

    Effin’ speed bumps…

  • RahneeW

    “Yup, I woulda been there by now if I didn’t have to crawl up each sign just to read them.”

  • Naomi

    Every journey starts with a thousand steps.


    Hey Two-Legs. I left Georgia only last week and beat you to this sign.

  • Mattsiegert

    it may look like gummie, but it taste like shit!