Free Stuff Fridays: Caption Contest #2

It’s that time again. The time where we give you some awesome Hi-Tec gear simply for being funny (aka Free Stuff Fridays).

For those who don’t already know the drill, here’s how you can win:

At the bottom of this post is a picture taken from the trail. In the comments section, give us your funniest possible caption. The best entry wins a Hi-Tec Salt Creek Long Sleeve Shirt:


Includes two full sleeves

One catch to this weeks contest-

Due to the surplus of funny submissions to last week’s contest, I have learned that I thoroughly hate choosing a winner. You were all winners in my heart. That’s why I’m going to put this week’s decision in the hands of a complete stranger.


Again, be sure to like the Good Badger Facebook page as that’s where the winner will be announced on Monday.

Make a stranger LOL.

Get some.

  • Scott

    Oh no, I dropped my free Hi-Tec Salt Creek Long Sleeve Shirt over the ledge!

  • AustinB-R

    Did Good Badger eat those mushrooms he found? ‘Cause now he thinks he’s surfing in the Pacific…

  • Amiles97

    I think I can fly!

  • Casey Japhy Jones

    Look Mom. No hands!

  • Despite their innate aversion towards natural light and fresh-air, some gingers can be found in even the remote wilderness. Look, here’s one now experiencing “wind” for the first time. 

    “Watch out there little buddy. You can’t fly yet!”

  • Konny Barta

    Ui shit! I lost my last roll of toilt paper


    Once the mushrooms took effect Badger’s thoughts turned to flights of fancy…

  • wow without my shirt I think I can fly off this thing

  • So this is the spot Zach goes to when he wants to take his shirt off and hold imaginary bald eagles on his stretched out arms. It’s pretty.

  • If Wile E. Coyote cartoons have taught me anything, I need to be very careful here…

  • …and that was the day that a young Chuck Norris learned that using his beard, he could glide like a flying squirrel.

  • Mark Dalton

    And next up in the mountain man high dive contest is Good Badger with the Bearded Triple Lundy.