Free Stuff Fridays: Caption Contest #4

Goodbyes are hard.

I bring this up because today is our last installment of Free Stuff Friday. After this weekend’s contest- we must say goodbye to awesome free Hi-Tec gear.

But fear not- you still have a chance to win this week, and right now is the only time we will ever have.

And this week is a special edition of the caption contest. This week is the make a WHOOP! laugh edition. WHOOP! is like a Rubik’s cube. Only Will Smith can figure him out.

For those who are unfamiliar- the rules go as follows:

At the bottom of this post I will input a picture taken on the trail. In the comments section, give us your funniest possible caption to the picture. The entry that makes WHOOP! shart himself the most- wins a pair of Wildcat Canyon Zip-off Pants (pictured below):

Function, Meet Fashion

Also, be sure to like the Good Badger Facebook page as that’s where the winner will be announced on Monday. And please- include an active email address in the comments so I can contact you.

Lastly- I want to thank the awesome people over at Hi-Tec for helping to make this contest happen (oh yea- and for providing Badger and WHOOP! with gear fit for a 2,181 mile hike). Also- if you’re looking for more quality gear giveaways from Hi-Tec and others, may I recommend liking the Camping Gear TV Page. They like to give you stuff too.

And here’s this week’s pic:


Get some!!

  • The calm before the storm…

  • Jpborgo

    Wonder how Zach Galifinakis got his first movie role?

  • Casolaris_88

    I just ate what?

  • Percussionist2003

    What’s the plan to take over the world again?  I forgot.

  • Robinniezgoda

    Why yes, I do support gay marriage.

  • bpatterson

    So should I spit or swallow?

  • Sad little girl near the trail…. “Did you eated my ice cream?” ……( Guilty Pause)……”Noooooooooo? “

  • Looks like Johnny just earned that free ride into town!

  • Jake Williamson

    In an attempt to lure the young woman in for a no-holds-barred make-out session, the native Whoop! coats his burly stache with ice cream drippings, and flares his nostrils to ward off any cock-blockers nearby.

  • Dino

    We don’t have a cow, only a bull.

  • Chuck L

    My attempts a funny talk these past three weeks have completely left me empty…but dude that slight odor you just smelled, sort of a mix between a shitter door on a tuna boat coupled with a whiff of slightly tainted mayo might make you check next time before you bite into a home-made Twinkie you bought in Key West.

  • Lex Sugar

    Does Blue Steel still look cool with all this semen in my beard?

  • Jwuller33

    “ok guys, who is next?”

  • Lori_nurse

    squeal like a pig!

  • Trailmix

    Jim’s eyes darted around the playground furtively… just waiting for the next unsuspecting child to take their eyes off of their ice cream….

  • j-dens

    I told you to show me the money, not the money shot!