How to Prepare For Hiking the Appalachian Trail: Diet Plan [Video]

The Appalachian Trail Diet Plan

This week’s video takes us into my favorite room on earth (aside from my Erin Andrew’s shrine), the kitchen.

Apparently walking 2,200 miles while carrying the weight of a fat toddler on your back, up and down rocky terrain, burns a good amount of energy.  Currently I burn just slightly more than zero calories per day.

To adequately prepare my body for this increased load, I will spend the next seven weeks eating anything that is 1) edible and 2) in sight (I’m flexible with #1).  Although I haven’t read any sound advice as to why I should be doing this, my best instincts tell me to go for it.  Always go with your gut.

If this is your first stop to the “How to Prepare For Hiking the Appalachian Trail” video series, may I encourage you to check out the first two videos on physical endurance training and how to build a tent.  Also, if you want to get in on the fun of suggesting horrible things to do to the Good Badger in future videos (will make sense after watching this) I suggest to follow me on Twitter and/or join the Good Badger Facebook Page.


  • John (NWK)

    I just vomited again just remembering the taste.

  • I think I missed the social media poll regarding what nasty crap you should shove in a blender… my suggestion would have been ‘sunshine and rainbows and bacon–because bacon makes everything taste better’, plus all three combined probably taste better than all of the other disgusting shit and all three are in abundance on the AT. Maybe not so much the bacon, but there is probably a side trail off the AT that leads to a Waffle House (it’s the East Coast; Waffle Houses are EVERYWHERE) that would be happy to supply the bacon.

    By the way, watching you make and consume that concoction made me throw up in my mouth.

  • Sounds like a pregnant woman’s wet dream! And the shake sounds pretty good too

  • derF

    you forgot to deep fry the shake!

  • Jas

    How epic was that spitting action (s’what she said)? EPIC. All caps. ALL CAPS.

  • Bahaha another amazing vid. CAN’T believe I didn’t see the Twitter poll either, though I likely wouldn’t have been able to contribute something as creative as a fried-chicken-stuffed donut LOL

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