How to Prepare for Hiking the Appalachian Trial: Physical Endurance Training

physical endurance training

If you could be inside of my brain right now, you’d be punching yourself in the face because everything was moving too fast.

That’s the byproduct of realizing that you’ve just committed to spending a half year in the woods.  Shit.

As long as I’ve signed myself up for this bout of insanity, I’m going to take the steps necessary to make sure that I’m a highly tuned hiking/camping machine before I ever step foot onto the Appalachian Trail.

The following video demonstrates how far I’ve already come.

  • @zrdavis This was some of your best work…for the website. For your survival rate…questionable. #DontGetDysentery #OregonTrail

  • Winewillfixit

    Oh how I miss my Jansport backpack. I believe it was not a regulation sized for trapper keepers so I would constantly have a large unzipped portion where my precious precious homework would fall out.

  • Purds

    i’m cracking up. i’m also concerned about the bugggggg

  • Well said friend. I wish this was the Oregon trail. Shooting buffalo never gets old. Never.

  • They purposely make Jansport to not fit what ever you’re trying to carry. It’s part of its charm.

  • Haha you should post YOUR bug video 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ldelulio

    I’m excited for you…and scared. You should probably go backpack shopping one day real soon tho.

  • christy

    good sir, i was brought to your blog by your posting of alexander ebert’s song “truth”. I dig your writing. And i dig even harder that you’re doing the AT. A life in the woods is a good one, rest assured. and also, you have stellar judgement. you should always drink ANY water that you ever see. there’s no such thing as bad water…

  • Haha, thanks for the kind comment Christy. I agree with you that any and all water should be consumed at all times regardless of the amount of clean drinking water you have available to you. Thank you for reaffirming this position.

    It sounds like maybe you’ve got some experience with life in the woods?

  • I’m waiting for North Face tor someone of the likes to give me copious amounts of donations. Should be coming any minute now…..

    I will be in CO before I embark. You’ve been warned…

  • I always carry some gnats with me in case I need to test the water. Such snobs.

  • Jonsky, you should find a way to monetize this idea. Portable water snobs.

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  • This is absolutely hilarious! Very much looking forward to your account of something like what happened to us–chipmunks racing up your bod to grab the food from your mouth. A typical AT moment. ;-D Gonna take your mom out for a glass of wine soon and get her plastered.

  • Jack Zero

    lol this shits rediculous. if bugs dont kill you, im in.

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  • The following video series will teach you how to prepare for hiking all 2179 miles of the Appalachian Trail. This video’s topic is physical endurance training.