How to Prepare for the Appalachian Trail: Drunk Q&A

how to prepare for appalachian trail drunk Q&A image

The premise for this one is pretty simple.

1) You ask questions

2) I drink

3) I answer

A big thanks to everyone who submitted questions.  I’m going to try and squeeze in one last video before I embark, so be sure to like the Good Badger on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to get in on the action for the next one.

If you’re interested in watching the longer directors cut version of this video – e-mail me at theGoodBadger[at]

Lastly, if you haven’t already, watch the other Appalachian Prep videos on: physical endurance, how to build a tent, and diet plan.

  • Hoffhall

    Make sure you duct tape your blisters. Wrap duct tape around your walking poles (which I heartily suggest you bring) so that you don’t have to carry the roll with you and don’t bring too much. Medical supplies, one change of clothing, simple food (lots of carbs) and check your watering holes on your map. You’ll need plenty of water. Make sure you stop at the nohlichucky hostile (they’re great) and have a great time!

  • HIGH-5 for your dedication to the cause (the cause being getting drunk…mainly).

    And I’m pretty sure bears have iPhones!

  • Thanks for the advice. Duct tape is my new skin.

    I’m guessing you thru-hiked? What year?

  • I was sort of counting on my iPhone being my lone advantage over the bears. Looks like I’m going gun shopping this week.