The Top 3 Good Badger Posts of 2010

You can’t look anywhere this time of the year without seeing a “2010, the year in review” or “the top X Cat Fails of 2010” or “The Top Trends in Waffles for 2010” type list.

And as we all know I make my living by duplicating these cheap schemes.  Which is why I’ve compiled a series of “best of” lists for you to recount all of the mediocre work that’s happened on this site in the last 12 months:

The Top 3 Good Badger Posts of 2010

1)  How to: Move to San Diego (Less about San Diego, more about kicking life butt)

2)  The Power of Reciprocity (buying a woman a drink increases your odds of reproducing)

3)  Extra Large Enablers (apparently people are fed up with fat people)

The Top 1 Post of 2010 (According to My Roommate Chris)

This list includes all of the posts that have made my roommate Chris laugh in 2010

1)  The Best 15 Second Frog Blog Promo Video

The Top Guest Blogger/Interview/Contributor Posts of 2010

1)  Oatview: an Interview with “The Oatmeal’s” Matthew Inman

2)  Every Stupid Person Needs ESPN (featuring Alex J Wysocki)

3)  5 Ways to Network Without Feeling Dirty

The Editor’s Choice (aka Top Cat Posts of 2010)

and of course this is the most important

1)  4 Ways to Make Your Cat Go Viral

2)  Kitty Inspiration

3)  Mans Best (Invisible) Friend

And for real personal favorites of mine that may have been overlooked, forgotten, or simply not very good in the eyes of society…of 2010:

1)  Problems Lead to Hula Dancing

2)  Your Resume Isn’t Good Enough

3)  How To Win At Facebook

A sincere thank you to all of my readers.  You guys honestly kick a dangerous amount of ass.  Look for less bad on this site in 2011.


The Good Badger

  • Jas

    No, thank you for writing interesting, funny things.

    You hit the nail on the head almost 100% of the time in a fashion that doesn’t scream, “LOOK HOW MUCH SMARTER I AM THAN YOU” without succumbing to the usual dumb tricks on other blogs.

    Wonderful stuff. Happy Holidays!

  • Jas

    Ugh. I mean, “… in a fashion that doesn’t scream, “LOOK HOW MUCH SMARTER I AM THAN YOU” while rising well above most other blogs.

    In other words, the writing on The Good Badger is smoother than butter.


    Happy Holidays.

  • The mutual blog fanaticism runs strong Jas. Merry holidays to you as well.