Appalachian Trials

My book on preparing for the Appalachian Trail.

“I really loved it.”

Tim Ferriss, author of Best Selling The 4-Hour Workweek & The 4-Hour Body

In Appalachian Trials readers will learn

  • Effective goal setting techniques to assure they reach Mt. Katahdin
  • The common early stage pitfalls hikers fall into and how to avoid making the same mistakes
  • How to beat “the Virginia Blues”
  • The most effective strategy for staving off stress
  • The importance and deeper meaning behind “hiking your own hike”
  • 5 Strategies for unwavering mental endurance
  • The most common mistake people make while hiking through the Whites and southern Maine
  • The emotional stages hikers go through upon finishing the trail
  • How to avoid post-trail depression and weight gain
  • Practical tips for making the most of each of the five million steps along the journey

In addition, the Bonus Section includes

  • A thorough gear chapter written by Ian Mangiardi, a professional backpacking equipment reviewer and thru-hiker of the AT and Pacific Crest Trail
  • The Appalachian Trail’s greatest and most unknown risk and how to guard against it
  • 9 tips for saving money before and during your thru-hike
  • An in depth FAQ section instructing readers how they can obtain sponsorship, tips for avoiding chafing, and much more!

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