A Road Map Toward Perfect Health

Conventional wisdom on diet and exercise has left us fat, depressed, and retarded. We deserve better.

On Health

Remember wayyyyyy back in February when I moved to San Francisco to embark in a new chapter of my existence?  Well much like the construct of Appalachian Trials, this chapter was pithy.  And now, like my favorite movie starring a golden retriever, I’m Homeward Bound (sorry Air Bud). In many ways, the past nine months […]

One Year Later

Last Wednesday, August 22, marked my one year anniversary of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  In it of itself, that is maybe worthy of a Facebook status.  This post is dedicated to reflecting on where my life, or more accurately, my mindset, has since gone. I’m Back When Michael Jordan made this proclamation in 1995, it […]

the Good Badger Live, Uncut, Unraveled, Uncensored, Unlocked, Uncle, Unnecessarily Long Title

Hey team, I ran out of un’s.  If I missed any, feel free to throw them in the comment rectangle at the bottom of this weblog. BUT THIS POST IS MUCH BIGGER THAN UNS.  This post is about REI, YOU & ME.  If you live in the Bay Area, you have the rare opportunity to […]

How to Get a Job in Social Media: Let Your Natural Moron Roam Freely

I recently received the below e-mail… (the names have been changed to protect the innocent- but mostly to make myself laugh) “Hey Zach, My name is Cletus Chud and I am a friend of Russel Rambcastle.

Winning on Mt. Whitney

Last month, I, along with a trio of friends, hiked the continental United States’ tallest mountain – Mt. Whitney.  Maxing out at an elevation of 14,508 ft, this 22-mile round trip trek is considered one of the most difficult day hikes in the entire country. I am proud to report that our attempt was a […]

The Good Badger on Camping Gear TV

You’ve heard a lot about The Dusty Camel and Ian Mangiardi, both on this site and in Appalachian Trials.  Ian played a huge role in my thru-hike preparation, and ultimately, the book.  For this I am forever grateful. But the catalyst to all of the AT goodwill began even before Ian took the reigns of […]

The Mysterious Absence of Your Lunch Break

I have this friend… This friend is a diligent worker.  This friend shows up to work earlier and earlier every year.  This friend leaves work later and later.  This friend  eats a very abbreviated lunch at their desk.  This friend handles urgent work e-mail on the weekend (and most e-mail is urgent).  This friend has […]

4 New Things in The Life of the Good Badger

This website didn’t used to be about me.  Sure my name is in the URL.  And yeah, the “about me” page contains more info about me than any person should know.  But the content of the posts were always marketing best practices, technology tutorials, and how to get your cat on Oprah-types-of-insights.  The subject changed, […]

Appalachian Trials Has A New Home

Hi team, I just wanted to let you know that Badger’s Appalachian Trail book has its own website.   If you’re so inclined, check it out, let me know what you think, maybe get a book or seven (one for Snow White and six of her dwarfs- Dopey doesn’t get one until he cleans his act […]

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