Appalachian Trials- Available in Print!

HOLY HOT DAMN Five words: Appalachian Trials, Available in PRINT “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you, can you say that again please?” Sure.  I said… MOTHER-F*#(NG APPALACHIAN TRIALS, AVAILABLE IN MOTHER-F(&!NG PRINT. “Sorry it sounded like there was golden joy sauce pouring directly into my ear cavity.  Maybe you can say that one more time?” Appalachian […]

Appalachian Trials Available On Kindle!

After months of writing, editing, formatting, fighting with myself and others (mostly myself), and designing, the day has finally arrived…. Appalachian Trials is here!!! Assuming “here” means “available in e-book form” So the print version is still a little ways away (days, not weeks), but the Kindle Version of Appalachian Trials is up & active: […]

Ryan Mogan, The Proud Owner of Appalachian Trials’ Last Page

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner! So about a week ago, we ran a promotion auctioning off the last page of my upcoming book, Appalachian Trials.  The highest bidder won the right to input their name on the last page of the book. With a high bid of $203.50, Ryan Mogan is our winner!

Get YOUR NAME in MY BOOK: And More Delicious Appalachian Trials Info

Hi team, So, my Appalachian Trail book, is finished (official launch coming soon). Well, almost… I have every page written, except for the last. That’s where YOUR NAME goes.  Only your name. Yes, I’m serious.  No, I’m not drunk. Imagine flipping through the final pages of this soon-to-be-released Appalachian Trail super-book, and the last thing […]

3 Learning Lessons from 2011

Holy Moldy Mayo, Batman! 2011 has been a monumental year for Mr. Zach Davis; this is a simple fact. It all started with a post.  January 2011 I was suffering from a fairly severe case of life dissatisfaction.  As is a common scenario amongst the employed population, I was at odds with my boss.  So- […]

Santa Claus vs. Derrick Rose

Merry Christmas and happy holidays* *I’m legally required to say this

Lyme Disease on the Appalachian Trail

The follow excerpt is taken from Appalachian Trials: a psychological and emotional guide to thru-hiking the Appalchain Trail.  If you’re thinking of hiking the AT, I’ll go as far as to say, it’s a must read. Deer Ticks are assholes. I went into the Appalachian Trail with my share of premonitions. Most, turned out to […]

On Trial: Technology on the Appalachian Trail

I recently received the following e-mail: “Hi, Zach Considering that you had your iphone with you the whole time, I was wondering if you’d given any thought to how truly disconnected you were?  Or to how truly connected you were to nature/outdoors/the AT because you were listening to music and audiobooks while hiking?  I’m not […]

Appalachian Trail Nutrition Guide: 7 Tips to Avoiding Post-Trail Weight Gain

[Editors note: Although this post is geared toward those who plan on hiking the AT or who have recently finished, the truth is, this information is applicable to anyone looking to lose a couple of pounds. This is sound nutritional advice from someone who knows what they are talking about (clearly not a reference to […]

The End of an Era

10.11.11 will go down in infamy…. …or will it? Become part of the Badger Book e-mail brigade to stay ahead of the curve and get these videos first.

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