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The Sinatra lyric…?  Anyone?


This will be a quick post – I’ll let the videos do the talking.  But this is just a reminder of how dangerous it is when we instill our faith in the media as an objective source of information.  By far and away the most influential television news source, Fox News, continually bends reality to fit their ideals.  Want proof?  Jon Stewart reports…

And Fox News’ response…

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2016: Chicago A No-Go

A few days ago it was announced that Chicago will not be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. In fact, of all the cities that that made the final cut, we (I’m from 1.5 hours outside Chicago, I round up to say we) finished dead last. In other words, Chicago couldn’t even land the bronze….ouch.

If there was one word that could summarize their IOC’s decision, at least from an American standpoint, it would have to be surprise. By many’s estimations, Chicago was the front runner to host the summer games. Not winning it was unexpected, but to be the first eliminated…well I’m going to need Tony Harris’ help in expressing this… Read more

Death Panels: The Epicenter of Misinformation

There are very few TV shows that I go out of my way to watch.  I try to stay up-to-date with current events in the news, and I of course make time for the occasional comedy (not necessarily in that order).  The Daily Show is a perfect hybrid of the two.  I’m all about multi-tasking.

As for the quality of content, in my humble opinion, Jon Stewart provides better news than what you get on around the clock news networks, i.e. CNN, MSNBC, and of course Fox News (the #1 news network – once again proving that bigotry is still fashionable).  Dear CNN, I didn’t turn your station on to see what people are Twittering.  I can go to Twitter for that. Read more

Health, Insurance: An Oxymoron?

First, a quick little side tangent of health care humor from one of my favorite comedians, Lewis Black. 

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Now that we’ve lightened the mood at little bit, let’s take a look at the more depressing reality. 

The following is a link to an interview of with Wendell Potter, a former insurance executive with CIGNA.  I won’t giveaway too much about the interview, because I think you should take some and watch it for yourself.  But there was one part part that especially grabbed my attention…

As Mr. Potter points out, these publicly traded health insurance giants have made their most important customer Wall St.  One of the measures investors most closely analyze is how much of each dollar paid by the policy holder is applied directly to providing health care.  Over the last decade and a half this number has dropped 15% and shows no real sign of changing course.  In other words, insurance companies are actively seeking ways to not spend your money on your health. 

That’s not okay.  I don’t think it makes me socialist to say so either.

Really, take the time to watch this interview.  If it you don’t find it to be eye opening then I’ll assume you’re eyes have been sewn shut:

Bill Moyers Interview with Wendell Potter