November 2009

Consider the Alternative

Human beings are irrational.  I believe I’ve touched on this point once or twice before.  Good thing for me, there’s enough material on this topic to write an entirely separate blog which could be actively updated for as long as the pro-life/pro-choice debate has been ongoing (which is scheduled to conclude on 2012 when everyone, minus John Cusack, will be dead.  Whatever his personal belief is will be the answer.)

The particular example of irrationality that I’m referring to has to do with decision making.  More specifically, the lack of analysis prior to making a decision. Thoughtful analysis when making a decision with any degree of importance seems like an obvious step, but you’d be surprised how often it’s bypassed.  Let’s dig a bit deeper… Read more

Start Bending the News

The Sinatra lyric…?  Anyone?


This will be a quick post – I’ll let the videos do the talking.  But this is just a reminder of how dangerous it is when we instill our faith in the media as an objective source of information.  By far and away the most influential television news source, Fox News, continually bends reality to fit their ideals.  Want proof?  Jon Stewart reports…

And Fox News’ response…

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A Season Veteran

San Diego Zach Davis

10/28/09 12:46 PST

Currently, I’m on a flight from San Diego to Madison (yes, voluntarily), when it suddenly occured to me, “what would a trip back home be without a hyperbolic weather rant?

I predict this might be the worst one yet.  I believe this because yesterday, in San Diego, the afternoon’s high was 67 degrees. If that same scenario occurred last year, I would have had no choice but to sun bath in my speedo, likely for all hours while there was still visible daylight.

This year? As ashamed as I am to admit, I had the nerve to complain about the “frigid air” to more more than one person. I could actually feel the 2008 Zach Davis punch the 2009 Zach Davis right in the gut. Thankfully 2008 ZD hits like a girl.

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I’ve got a friend who’s a giant fan of mustaches.  Why?  Because he’s a guy.

He’s also a fan of being a good person (this is where the similarities between the two of us end).

This year he’s joining a cause to combine these two passions.  If you’re interested in growing a mustache or trying to kick prostate cancer’s ass then please visit the below link.

Mustache’s Are Strong Enough to Beat Cancer.