December 2009

Spit is So 20th Century – New Years Resolution 2010 pt. 1

What’s both the easiest and most common way to spit in someone’s face (aside from actually spitting)? You could ask someone if they’ve put on weight. Sure, you’ll drive the female population into some form of eating disorder, but then again most guys will probably thank you for the compliment. You could try insulting their mother, but families are so dysfunctional today you’re either inviting an unintended therapy session or rousing a point of agreement. Read more

The Sports Division


Today, while sitting on the airplane, I noticed a guy sitting across the aisle from me, who I hated. It was a decision that I made in the blink (shout out to M. Gladwell) of an eye, without him ever talking, looking, or really even acknowledging me in any way. I knew I hated him before I consciously could describe anything about him. After two seconds of trying to make sense of this seemingly baseless hatred, it came to me. He was wearing an Ohio State University hat. Read more