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The Ultimate Collection of Hilarious News Bloopers

The Ultimate Collection of Hilarious News Bloopers

Which one of the following two statements are correct?

  1. News Bloopers Are Hilarious
  2. My Ringtone Is Justin Bieber

Trick question. They’re both true.

Newscasters are people that we look to for an unbiased narrative about what’s happening in the world around us. In our heads, they may as well be information spewing robots (Tom Brokaw). When they do anything that reveals that they’re still highly fallible creatures, i.e. make reference to the size of their johnson (see: below), the hilarity effect is multiplied.

I now present to you, my favorite local news bloopers. If there’s anything that I left out, please, either send me an e-mail or drop a comment below. Enjoy…

Warning– Potty Mouth Language may ensue.

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Faux News

Despite Fox News’ best efforts, last night the long awaited/debated/false information circulated, health care bill passed.  Still to be determined is if this bill will be the catalyst for change that we’ve been promised over the last few months, or not, but I do feel confident in saying: Barack Obama is not going to euthanize your grandmother. Read more

2016: Chicago A No-Go

A few days ago it was announced that Chicago will not be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. In fact, of all the cities that that made the final cut, we (I’m from 1.5 hours outside Chicago, I round up to say we) finished dead last. In other words, Chicago couldn’t even land the bronze….ouch.

If there was one word that could summarize their IOC’s decision, at least from an American standpoint, it would have to be surprise. By many’s estimations, Chicago was the front runner to host the summer games. Not winning it was unexpected, but to be the first eliminated…well I’m going to need Tony Harris’ help in expressing this… Read more

Death Panels: The Epicenter of Misinformation

There are very few TV shows that I go out of my way to watch.  I try to stay up-to-date with current events in the news, and I of course make time for the occasional comedy (not necessarily in that order).  The Daily Show is a perfect hybrid of the two.  I’m all about multi-tasking.

As for the quality of content, in my humble opinion, Jon Stewart provides better news than what you get on around the clock news networks, i.e. CNN, MSNBC, and of course Fox News (the #1 news network – once again proving that bigotry is still fashionable).  Dear CNN, I didn’t turn your station on to see what people are Twittering.  I can go to Twitter for that. Read more