Faux News

Despite Fox News’ best efforts, last night the long awaited/debated/false information circulated, health care bill passed.  Still to be determined is if this bill will be the catalyst for change that we’ve been promised over the last few months, or not, but I do feel confident in saying: Barack Obama is not going to euthanize your grandmother.

I’m hopeful this new bill will be the first push in a long series of attempts to get health insurance companies back onto the right side of Hell’s fence.  Either way, I’ve already learned something through this entire process: The art of deception – specifically aimed toward 24/7 cable “news” networks.  You can break it down into 6 easy to follow steps.

1) Feed a false narrative in the disguise of news (i.e. rationing of health care).  Add a healthy dose of fear to assure delivery.

2) Repeat step 1 until viewership is sufficiently afraid.

3) Poll population to gauge opinion (the more misinformed, the better).

4) Report these influenced polls as the national pulse (only if the polls agree with your stance – otherwise discredit).

5) Encourage/organize a public uprise.

6) Watch legislation die (along with millions of uninsured Americans).

Thankfully, Fox News’ efforts only got as far as step 5.


The following video is undeniably heavily edited, however, there is something to be said about a screaming mob whose fears are based entirely on Faux News.