Free Stuff Fridays: Caption Contest #3

It’s the greatest day in the history of the week. Yes- Free Stuff Friday. I apologize for the lack of sleep you got last night. Santa comes but once a week (for four weeks).

This week the awesome Hi-Tec item to be won is the Total Terrain Lace (pictured below).

Booya x 5

For those who don’t already know the drill, here’s how you can win:

At the bottom of this post is a picture taken from the trail. In the comments section, give us your funniest possible caption. The best entry wins. Easy as that.

Again, be sure to like the Good Badger Facebook page as that’s where the winner will be announced on Monday.

Also- much like last week- I’m putting the final decision in the hand of a fellow thru-hiker. Picking the winner stresses me out, and people with beards don’t do stress (science).

Next week is the final Free Stuff Friday, so hone all of your funny energy within that timespan.

Here’s this week’s picture:

Your Wittyness Here

Get some.

  • PIE anyone?

  • unkempt hair, reeks of farm animal, shits outside…am I describing badger or the cow?

  • ian

    watta ya lookin at? u want me!

  • Hey, Hiker:  Eet mor chiken!

  • josh

    take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time….but take one step closer and you will get a good souvenir from me…

  • Stick463

    Pennsylvania Cows!!  Similar to California cows, but less happy!!

  • Jackie W.

     I’m thinking a gold hoop earring would have made a better fashion statement.

  • Jwuller33

    I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.  P.s. you were great.

  • “This is not the food you’re looking for…”

  • Hey you !! Whats the big “Veal”?  =P

  • Dave

    And when I get enough money, I am going to get the other one pierced too!

  • Josh

    “My stock has dropped dramatically since ’96.  Keep the tag on, otherwise I’m worthless.”  

    -Bessie the Cow

  • Iaptzke

    Am I still in the south? Fuck it I’m going to have sex with it anyways.

  • Spidyd

    One more step and I’m going Pamplona on your ass!

  • matt

    you promise you will call me, right?

  • AustinB-R

    “Dude, you stink.  And that’s coming from a cow.”

  • bo

    you just ate a hamburger didn’t you… ass!

  • Ruggerbob

    You’re out of your element, Donny

  • Chuck L

    Go ahead and piss on my dinner. Later I’ll be taking a dump in your tent.

  • Mdalton

    “Deja Moo”. The feeling that the same cow has stared you down before.

  • Mdalton

    A three legged cow! Must be “lean” beef.

  • Chuck L

    I’ve never seen an udder like that before. Why are you pointing at me for?

  • Chuck L

    Revision I: I’ve never seen an udder like that before. Why are you pointing it at me for?

  • Chuck L

    You got a purdy mouth. Want to meet my brother? He plays the banjo and he’ll think you got a purdy mouth too…

  • @GrumpyButtFunny

    I know I am beautiful but please stop staring at me like a piece of meat!