Global Warming is Broken

Wisconsin is developing frost bite

Wisconsin is developing frost bite

At least in Madison…so far this month…which hasn’t yet been two weeks…

Ok it’s possible that Global Warming or Climate Change or Operation Human Being Self Elimination or whatever you want to call it has little to nothing to do with the misery outside. All I know is that I can’t remember a colder, windier, snowier period BEFORE winter officially started.

“It’s days like today where you have to embrace the weather. Of course the only other option is to go completely mad.”

That’s a quote from one of my professors on Tuesday. He was describing a day where after we were delivered nearly a foot of snow, the clouds disappeared to create space for even colder, windier conditions. If you look at what he’s stating your options are to:

1) Gladly welcome the blistery, frigid air and dangerously icy walks to class

2) Be crazy

Really to me it’s 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

“The settling of Minnesota: it’s amazing to me that people came here….and (expletive) stayed” – Comedian Lewis Black

You can replace the “Minnesota” in that quote with any location from the Midwest and I’ll concur. Constantly people rationalize putting up with 4 months of unrelentingly harsh weather because they “like the seasons.” It’s hard to argue that snow is an aesthetically pleasing result of winter. However, once you get over the first week of watching snow from the comfort of your warm living room, the novelty quickly diminishes. You may say it’s the seasons, but I know the reasons.

San Diego, California

A place that is 180 degrees and 2,000 miles from Southern Wisconsin. If you like the seasons, San Diego is not the place for you. Instead you’ll have to put up with 300+ days of sunlight and a year round climate that varies by 13 degrees with an average temperature of just a bit over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It never seems to deviate too far from nice.

Now, every time I walk to class, the gym, work, or the bar, I’m outside for an average of 4 seconds before my face starts involuntarily swearing. I can’t imagine what I’ll have to complain about this time one month from right now. My guess: cost of living.

Stay tuned…