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Obama = Clinton 2.0?

And I don’t mean in any political or governance sense.  I mean in the overactive hormonal variety.

Okay so maybe Obama knows when it’s appropriate to check out another woman (if married…then never).  But I think the real issue here is what the public chooses to focus their attention on.  Whether it be a Democratic Governor or Republican Governor, President, or gay Senator, we sure give a lot of attention to politicians unfaithful sex-lives.  To clarify, I think that all of these acts are horrible and most likely not mistakes.  A mistake is when you accidently step on your friends toe while playing soccer.  I don’t think you can accidentally pick up a hooker, but I guess I wouldn’t have enough experience to know for sure.  The fact of the matter is, with the exception of Bill Clinton, names like Spitzer, Sanford, and Larry Craig would be largely unknown by most of the public if it were not for their highly flawed personal lives.  These are the same people who decide where our taxes are directed, help process laws, and keep our overall political stability in check, and their names don’t become familiar with the public until they misuse their privates.

We should choose to hold the news to a higher standard.  When CNN continues to force feed us a story about Mark Sanford’s ridiculous affair, they assume we care more about a politician’s personal rather than professional lives.  If I wanted real romantic drama, I would turn on the Real World.  At least the people on MTV are attractive.

As a slight bit of publicity, if you are interested in more pressing issues than who’s kissing who, then may I recommend The Huffington Post.  It’s way less bad then the majority of our alternatives.