LeBron James is a Chicago Bull

LeBron James is a Chicago Bull

LeBron James is a Chicago Bull butthole

They say perception is reality. If we get enough people to perceive LeBron James in a Chicago Bulls uniform, time is the only obstacle in between us and the King.

Find something very wooden to knock on because I’m calling it now – LeBron James is a member of the Chicago Bulls. If this turns out not to be the case, you can find me deep inside of a glass case of emotion.  Forever…

LeBron James to the Chicago Bulls from zach davis on Vimeo.


Update 7/9/10

So, I’ve turned my copy of “The Secret” into a pineada. 

Yesterday evening, LeBron James announced that he will sign with the Miami Heat.  This is partially because he likes their beaches, but mostly because he’s a coward.  I’ve asked my good friend, and Cavs Owner, to sum up the sentiment with LeBron’s “Decision”.  Thanks Dan. 

And to everyone in Cleveland….sorry.  At least you’re not Detroit!

  • Mark

    The lack of word from LBJ’s camp after yesterday’s meeting has me concerned. Hopefully he follows The Good Badger

  • Mark

    By the way, this sequence was even more incredible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_CGxj3dHGA

  • zachrd99

    It definitely is, but TMac had his chance to get a Good Badger video made in his honor and decided to go to Houston.

    LBJ is a Chicago Bull and my delusion will hold steadfast until he signs, someone institutes me, or we sign Dwyane Wade.