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LeBron James is a Chicago Bull

LeBron James is a Chicago Bull

LeBron James is a Chicago Bull butthole

They say perception is reality. If we get enough people to perceive LeBron James in a Chicago Bulls uniform, time is the only obstacle in between us and the King.

Find something very wooden to knock on because I’m calling it now – LeBron James is a member of the Chicago Bulls. If this turns out not to be the case, you can find me deep inside of a glass case of emotion.  Forever…

LeBron James to the Chicago Bulls from zach davis on Vimeo.


Update 7/9/10

So, I’ve turned my copy of “The Secret” into a pineada. 

Yesterday evening, LeBron James announced that he will sign with the Miami Heat.  This is partially because he likes their beaches, but mostly because he’s a coward.  I’ve asked my good friend, and Cavs Owner, to sum up the sentiment with LeBron’s “Decision”.  Thanks Dan. 

And to everyone in Cleveland….sorry.  At least you’re not Detroit!

Every Stupid Person Needs ESPN

I have some good news and some bad.

This will be the first post not entirely written by The Good Badger.  Just in case you didn’t know it, that was the bad news.   The good news is, the co-author of this post, Alex Wysocki, is a good friend and an individual who’s at least two standard deviations funnier than the mean.

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