The Midwest is Wasted

Not too much ambiguity with this title. 

To confirm an earlier post, about alcoholism and the Midwest

Take a look at this map:

Bars versus Grocery Stores

(Thanks to Flowing Data)

In this picture, the red dots represent the areas where bars out number grocery stores.  These dots nearly trace the Wisconsin state line perfectly.  Notice how Madison, WI appears to be at the epicenter of the sea of alcoholics red (probably no coincidence in their color selection).   I’d be willing to bet that in some areas of state, the bar per capita ratio reaches above 1.0, but unfortunately I have no science to back that up (only four years of experience). 

At least they haven’t named their professional sports teams after drinking.  Oh, wait….

  • jim

    A state where, if accompanied by parents, a kid of any age can drink legally in a bar. A state where people understand the relative importance of beer and food.

  • Fun Fact:

    Fox River Grove, IL – highest ratio of bars per church in America.

    God’s people.

  • zachrd99

    Mr. Ramble On never ceases to supply staggering statistics. Keep up the good work marky.

    Chicago’s up-and-coming sports writer can be fond at: